How is the workshop going so far?

It is rather condensed because of the short time slot, but we make it work. The first hour is a warm-up based on what I have learned in my own career, particularly when working through serious injuries. I bring in aspects of Gyrokonesis® and yoga as well as using spirals within the body and imagery. I find that sometimes if you give dancers a new name or image for a frequently utilized movement it can become fresh again.

In the second half we work with exercises and games I have created to aid inspiration. When dancers are inspired they do not need a teacher, but we cannot control when inspiration strikes and it is not always while we are in the studio. Sometimes inspiration strikes in the subway, but once we are in the studio our minds are blank. So, I have borrowed from other worlds like mathematics and poetry to play with old, stuck material.

For instance, today the puzzle we worked with involved telephone and social security numbers. I taught them all some of my material and then split it into the digits 1-9, so that each digit corresponded to a part of the phrase. Then the digits where divided into upper and lower body. Each dancer then organized their upper body movement according to their telephone number and their lower body movement according to their social security number. They then worked through this new material with a randomly assigned partner.