Hagit is a graduate of Bezalel Academy Of Art And Design,  Jerusalem 2001. In 2003 Hagit Studied Stage Design with Rakefet Levi at  Shenkar College of Design. Following her Studies at Shenkar she went on to Study makeup for stage &Theatre and Hat design with Sofia Bach. Since 2004 Hagit has designed costumes and props for major opera, dance, theatre and television productions.

These selected works include:

Dana Ruttenberg Dance Group - Private I’s and POLY
The Israeli Opera - " Magic Sounds", directed by Niza Shaul
Props  for - "Nabucco","A Journey to the End of the Millennium"
"The Child Dreams","Samson and Delilah"
Batsheva Dance Company - " Beak" and "Starting Point", choreography by Mami Shimazaki
Batsheva Workshop - choreography by Kristin Inao
Kame'a Dance Company (Bat-Dor) -  "Step...Count....", choreography by Lior Lev
Kolbendance Dance Company - "Interface", choreography by Amir Kolban
Michal Helbin Photography
Beit Lessin Theater - "Dolphins", directed by Dedi Baron
Habima National Theater - "39 Stairs", "Hevron", "Dybbuk", and "Anna Karenina"
The Cameri Theater of Tel-Aviv - "King Lear " and "Death of a Salesman"
TV Commercials


Tal Adler-Arieli was born in 1989 in Israel, where he was trained at the Thelma Yelin High School of the Arts in Tel Aviv. He later graduated with a BFA from The Juilliard School and lived in New York until recently, working as a dancer and a teacher on different projects in North America and Europe. Tal danced with choreographer Jonah Bokaer, and with The Equus Projects, a dance company that creates site-specific work for dancers and horses. He has worked with Andrea Miller's Gallim Dance and in Montreal for company Le Carré des Lombes. Tal is currently living in Israel where he's been teaching and working on dance and performance projects. Joined DRDG is 2016.



Graduate of Ironi Alef High School Dance Department. Danced with Dana Ruttenberg Dance Group between 2004-2012. Former dancer with the Batsheva Ensemble under the Artistic Direction of Ohad Naharin.



born in 1983 in nahariya Israel. Studied dance at Edna Betsalel School of Dance and Gaaton Workshop lead by Yehudith Arnon and Einav Levy.  Winner of an Excellence scholarship from the America Israel Cultural Foundation. Danced with The kibbutz Dance Company 2 under the Artistic Direction of  Rami Beer.   Worked with the Israeli opera and choreographer as  Barak Marshall in the creation "Rooster", Shlomi Bitton, Noa Dar, Odelya kuperberg and Renana Raz.  Since 2008 working with Inbal pinto & Avshalom pollak Dance Company.

Today Dancing with choreographers Dana Ruttenberg and Noa Shadur , studying Business and Sociology and working as a rehearsal director at the Maslool Dance School led by offir dagan and Neomi Perlov.



Studied at The Gaaton Dance Workshop and the Maslool Professional Dance Program in Tel Aviv. Joined DRDG in 2012. Collaborated with choreographers Iris Erez, Anna Rothlisberger (Switzerland), Hillel Kogan and Noa Shadur.



Graduate of the Mateh Asher School of Performing Arts (Kibbutz Ga'aton) and the Kibbutzim College of Education (B. ED.). Chief Editor of "Maakaf", an online journal for dance, visual theater and performance art. Member of the Steering Committee in the Dance Department of The Israeli Dancers’ Union. Danced in Muza dance company in works by Joseph Tmim, and as an independent dancer worked with choreographers Odelia Kuperberg, Jana Russell (Germany), Niv Sheinfeld, Ronit Ziv and Rotem Tashach.

Representative of Israel for 2008 at the danceWEB Scholarship programme in the International Dance Festival in Vienna, ImPulsTanz, with the support of a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.  Teaches at The Jerusalem Academy, Kelim School for Choreography, and Thelma Yelin among others.

Winner of the Ehud Manor and Bank Hapoalim Scholarship for encouraging creativity in 2010.



Studied dance at Wizo Haifa, and the Gaaton Dance School. Worked with Israeli choreographers Shlomi Bitton, Muza Dance Group and Dana Ruttenberg. Toured with the inaugural Swedish cast of Kamuyot (chor:. Ohad Naharin), and performed in the work of Ari Rozenzweig in Copenhagen. Shaked Created "We Are Going Back" for the Shades of Dance Competition in 2009. She teaches Gaga (Ohad Naharin's movement language) across Israel. Member of Playground Improv Group, and Artistic Director and initiator of “2nd Home India” Project for female empowerment through the Arts.



Born in 1986. Collaborated with different choreographers, such as Ohad Naharin ("Kamuyot" project), Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Tamar Borer, Anna Rotlisbereger (Switzerland), Maya Brinner, Iris Erez, Yasmeen Godder and Bosmat Nossan. Created "Gazelle" and "2HER".
Member of DRDG since 2011. 
Ayala has a professional background in Ballroom and Latin American Dance. She is a practitioner of the Ilan Lev Method.





Artist and Designer. Studied Industrial Design at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. Designed for David Ross Studio, and designs lamps and furniture for Gwango, China. Won second prize in the design competition for Zag company, "Furniture 2000" Tel-Aviv. Showcased in "International Travel Souvenir Design competition 2005" Gyeonggi Province ‚Korea, and "kitchen is the heart of the home" imm cologne design competition. Collaborated with DRDG on Kontrapunkt and NABA.






gil kerer

An independent dancer, performer and choreographer based in Tel Aviv. Professional work includes dancing in the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Vertigo Dance Company, and with numerous Israeli independent choreographers, such as Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor, Maya Briner, Dana Ruttenberg Dance Group and Rachel Erdos, among many others. As an emerging choreographer, Gil has created the solo piece 'dive' together with Anat Cederbaum, which won the first prize in the choreography competition in the Machol Shalem Festival 2011 in Jerusalem and 3rd prize in ILDANCE choreography in Gothenburg in Sweeden. In 2012 created the piece 'Silent Parts', for 4 dancers, as an invitation from Machol Shalem Festival 2012. June 2014 saw the premiere of ‘Between Us’ - a duet for dancer Ayala Frenkel and himself, which performed as part of Dance Arena Festival in Jerusalem,and was invited to perform in Singapore, Spain, The Canary’s Islands, Italy, Russia and Denmark. Gil also teaches across a wide variety of dance platforms, focusing on contactimprovisation, contemporary dance classes, repertoire and movement research. Joined DRDG in 2013.


Andrea Costanzo Martini

born and raised in Italy where he made his first steps into the dance world. He finishes his classical ballet education in 2004 in Munich. Between 2006 and 2014 he worked in Aalto theater Essen, Batsheva Dance Company, Cullberg Ballet and Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak Dance Co.
parallel to his solo career as dancer, Andrea choreographs (What Happened in Torino, Tropical, For Men Only, Trop etc.) and teaches Gaga. Joined DRDG in 2014.


Born Israel, 1978. Started dancing in Haya Tour dance school and graduated at the age 18 after which she began dancing with the young Kibbutz Company where she worked with Rami Beer and Inbal Pinto. Former member of Batsheva Dance Company, where she worked with Ohad Naharin, Paul Norton, Matz Ek, and Sharon Eyal. Since 2005 has worked in independent projects with Yasmeen Godder, Ronit Ziv, Renana Raz, Barak Marshall, Niv Sheinfeld, Noa Shadur, Hillel Kogan and Dana Ruttenberg.



Idan was born in Haifa in 1983, and he graduated from the high school theater department of WIZO in 2001. After completing three years of military service in 2004, he studied physical theatre in Tel Aviv, graduating from Teatron Haguf School & Stage for Physical Theatre in 2005. From 2005-2007, he was a dancer in the Batsheva Ensemble, and from 2007-2008, he danced in the international cast of Ohad Naharin’s Kamuyot as part of a project of the Riksteatern. Since 2007, Idan has been a therapist in the Ilan Lev method, and since 2008, he has freelanced as a dancer in projects with Dana Ruttenberg, Ronen and Tami Yitzhaki, Osnat Kelner, Klipa Theater and Cameri Theater as well as in the Suzanne Dellal Centre’s production of Barak Marshall’s Rooster. Idan teaches Gaga and is a practitioner of the Ilan Lev Method.



Graduate of Alon High School, Theater Department, and the Gaaton Dance School. Performed in different plays in Habima National Theater and Beit Lessin Theater. Danced in the Swedish Kamuyot Project of Batsheva Dance Company and with the Batsheva Dance Ensemble (2008-2010) in pieces by Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal. Teaches Gaga and Batsheva Repertory. Created and performed "Something Super", "Holy Matters", "Hakoloklum" and "Somewhere in The Now". currently is a freelance dancer, and has worked with choreographers Yasmeen Godder, Dafi Altabeb, Maya Levy, Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor. Worked with DRDG in 2008 on "Please Do Not Feed The Dancers" and rejoined the group in 2010.



Dancer. Graduate of Gaaton Dance School. Apprenticed with Inbal Pinto Dance Company and worked with several choreographers, among them: Uri Ivgi ("Sugar Cubes"), Nadar Rossano ("Baby"), Ariel Cohen ("Venus De Meatloaf") and Aviv Evgey ("Dimona", Euphoria – Working Title"). Reut is certified Massage Therapists combining Shiatsu and Twina techniques and is a student of Physical Therapy at the Tel Aviv University. Danced with DRDG between 2010-2012.



Musician and conductor. Graduated from Thelma Yellin High School for the Arts. Studied piano with Anna Dotrot and Rina Veldman. Studied Harmony with Raffi Kadishzon. Produced, arranged and recorded music for the HOP! Kids TV channel. Produced several CDs with Idudi. Designed the soundtracks for Park part I and NABA and composed and performed in Kontrapunkt with Dana Ruttenberg. Managed, Produced and performed with Inbar Music Ltd. Teaches at various music departments across Israel and conducts the Inter-Generational Orchestra. 





born in 1978. Graduate of the Bat Dor Dance conservatory and Thelma Yelin High School for the Performing Arts. Former member of the Batsehva Dance Company, where she worked with Matz Ek, William Foresythe, Angelin Perljocaj, Paul Norton and Ohad Naharin. Created four works as part of the “Bathseva Dancers Create” series. Performed with Sharon Zuckerman and director Ulrich Rasche (Berlin), and in Yasmin Godder’s “Strawberry Cream and Gun Powder”.

Rehearsal Director for various choreographers, among them Yasmeen Godder, Hillel Kogan and Dana Ruttenberg. Founding member of The Israeli Dancers’ Union and Maakaf - an online journal for dance, visual theater and performance art.

Inbal graduated from Law School in 2010 and is an attorney specializing in Criminology.  Artistically Co-directed IntimaDance Festival at Tmuna Theater. 



Born in Haifa (1983). For more then ten years involved in acrobatics and Capoeira. Since 2007 focused on contemporary dance. Studied for two years in the training workshop for dancers in Haifa. Since has worked with Yasmeen Godder, Arkadi Zaides, Yossi Berg and Oded Graf, Iris Erez, Renana Raz, Efrat Rubin and Osi Wald, Moran Zilberberg, Dede Dance Company, Netta Yerushalmy, performing in Israel and abroad. Created and performs "Gravitas". Joined DRDG in 2010.



Sharon was born in Israel in 1977. Graduate of Thelma Yelin High School. Worked with Vertigo dance company (1995) before moving to Belgium  for a period of 6 years. From 1996 till 1999 studied in P.A.R.T.S. (performing arts and research training studios) in Brussels. 2000-2003 created ‘Happy Zode’, ‘Fixing Dust’, ‘Pride Crispies’, and participated in works of Robert Wilson, Jan Decorte, Charlotte Vanden Eynde among other choreographers. Collaborated with the theater director Ulrich Rasche in creating ‘East 47th street, 231’ - a piece inspired by Andy Warhol’s life  for the American season in Berlin (2004). Since 2004 works and creates in Israel. Founding member of Solelot - home to Creative Residencies. A teacher of ‘Release’ technique. Danced with Yasmeen Godder (Sudden Birds), Ronit Ziv (Punch Line), acted in films (‘Melanoma My Love’, ’Sweet Mud’). Created ‘Solonelly’ – a solo piece for Intimadance Festival in Tmuna theater, ‘Refusall’ for Muza Dance Company, ‘Domestic Animal’ - a full length solo evening in Tmuna theater in Tel Aviv. Mother to Malka Mona and Atara Aria.