NABA 2.0 was born in the Israeli Contemporary Art galleries of Tel Aviv Museum of Art in 2013 and has performed there since. This summer at the invitation of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, we first experimented with taking it into another museum and it was a BLAST. It felt like discovering a new branch of the family we never knew existed. As we embodied the figures peeping at us from the canvases, they were instantly added to our family tree.

So now we are embarking on an Israeli tour of the work to selected museums across the country with a generous grant from the Israeli Lottery foundation.

Each museum is its own world. We explore it, its architecture, the works of Art currently housed within it. We do what you would do when you move to a new place: "The sofa would work here, if I just put the piano over there".
Except the piano is a duet and the sofa is a trio.

Follow our calendar to see where we are at next.